An Emoji is a ideogram or digital character used in mobile devices that displays a specific action and emotion that represents what the user is trying to convey. Emojis have become very popular as  they are used mostly when  texting with cell phones and tablets. Apple’s iPhones and iPads in particular helped popularize emojis. In recent years Apple and the Emoji app have been criticized for racism due to the app having countless characters from cartoon characters to people from every race except for Black people.

"Oju Africa" is an app developing company based in Mauritius, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. Apple has been ignoring the pressure and request for Black emojis, so "Oju Africa" stepped up. Their goal is to show Africa and Black people all around the World in a positive light and for them to be proud and represented. An app seems like such an insignificant thing but it is a small part of a much bigger picture of systematic racism and hate towards people of African descent . This simple app helps to instill pride in Black People and our history. "Oju" means "Face" in the Yoruba Language. The app is now available for android users and it will be for iOS users soon. SanCopha Salute!
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